Floor Covering Weekly May 12, 2014

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Hard Surface Interview at Surfaces Show with Talk TV

Go to this link for an interview with Geoff Greeley done at the Surfaces Show in Las Vegas recently.


Or go to http://www.floortrendsmag.com/talkfloor



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The Restoration of Valley Point Elementary

Here is the link to the article in Floor Trends Magazine and the link to the videos referred to in the article.




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The HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System

The HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System has gone through decades of research. Whatever claims we make, we do with confidence. As a result of the investment in this research and testing, the following has been accomplished:

  • The WoolSafe Organization approval. HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner is tested annually by Cleaning Research International in the U.K. HOST is approved for carpet cleaning and for spot removal.


  • Carpet mill and fiber manufacturer approvals and recommendations including fifth generation nylon fibers.


  • The HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System was rated excellent compared to both Do It Yourself and professional carpet cleaning methods by the leading U.S. consumer testing magazine


  • HOST and HOST SJ are sustainable and made from renewable resources HOST and HOST SJ are Green Seal certified: and are certified 100% Biobased by the United States Department of Agriculture.


  • Racine Industries, manufacturer of HOST, is recognized as a Champion with the EPA’s Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative. All products that we manufacture are made with surfactants that are classified by the EPA and EU as “readily biodegradable”.


  • HOST and HOST SJ contain no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound’s). (no petroleum solvents). HOST is a combination of water (mostly) and green cleaning chemistry.


  • Switching to the HOST System will contribute to LEED points toward the United States Green Building Council Green Buildings program.


  • HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner is manufactured in an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered facility.


  • HOST cleaning removes significant amounts of cat & dog allergen, mold, mold spores and dust mites from the carpeting.  The Scientific research is peer reviewed and internationally recognized.*


  • HOST is arguably the most Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)-friendly carpet cleaning system available…safe for people, pets and the environment.


  • Approved for landfill, no special disposal requirements.


  • Does not attract soil after cleaning.


  • HOST is designed to enhance and clean all types of fibers — Polyester, Triexta, Nylon, polypropylene (olefin), Wool, Sisal, Coir, Jute, Silk and Cotton.


  • And HOST also cleans grouted tile and other textured floors quickly and easily.


  • Available in 66 countries.


Used by professional carpet cleaners, BSC’s, major schools, casinos, office buildings, healthcare facilities, property management, retail stores, government and hospitality establishments around the world.


*The HOST® System of applying HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner to the carpet, brushing it through the carpet and then vacuuming up the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner removes dirt and reduces allergens. Research studies have shown that one cleaning with the HOST System using HOST Machines reduces: Dust mites by 78%, Dust Mite Allergen by 75%, Cat Allergen by 85%, Mold Spores by 85%. EPA Establishment Number: 074202-WI-001.



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HOST Spot Remover November 2005

A good spot remover:

  1. Is effective on nearly all types of spots
  2. Does not cause or contribute to wick back
  3. Is easy to use
  4. Leaves no resoiling residue
  5. Provides a ‘ready to use’ carpet surface


HOST Spot Remover ranks very high on its ability to provide satisfactory results in all these categories:


Effectiveness at removing a great variety of spots

The usual question that is asked when a spot is located is: “What is it?”  Since the one who caused the spot is never present, there is no way of knowing what the spot is. HOST Spot Remover is effective in removing the common types of spots:  coffee, grease, tar, gum, latex paint, ink, and a wide variety of uncommon materials that other ‘spot removers’ will not touch.  Combined with HOST, the spot is not only removed but so is the background dirt. And the spot won’t come back.


Eliminates wick back

Most spot removers are applied directly to the spot, dissolving the spot but loosing it in the back of the carpet. As the area dries, the spot and the dissolved dirt wick back to the surface. Using HOST Spot Remover with the HOST limits the moisture applied to the carpet and the spot is truly removed through absorption. The result is a spot that just never comes back.


Ease of use

Many spotting kits come with the instruction: “Use bottle ‘A’ first; if the results are unsatisfactory use bottle ‘B’ and so on…” until all six or ten bottles are used.  The directions always carry the caution, “using the wrong sequence of bottles may result in the spot setting into a stain.”


With HOST Spot Remover there is no fear of setting the spot.  Merely apply the HOST Spot Remover to a white cloth and blot the spot until all the dirt transfers to the cloth.  To assure that all of the spot is gone, apply the HOST to the affected area, brush it through and then vacuum it away.  If the white cloth shows no transfer of the spot, you can be quite confident that the spot is a stain and is not removable. A stain is defined as a substance that has permanently dyed or damaged the carpet fiber and cannot be removed.


Residue Free

Good spot removers are specially formulated powerful cleaning agents that will leave a residue if they are not removed through rinsing. With all other liquid spot removers, rinsing involves the application of a volume of water which has to be removed either by blotting or with a wet vacuum.  In addition to the extra equipment and additional time, there is also the danger of wick back caused by dumping water into the carpet. The great thing about HOST Spot Remover is that it is designed to be used with HOST.  In the process of using the SPONGES® to remove the dirt that HOST Spot Remover has emulsified, you are also removing any residue of HOST Spot Remover.  The carpet is now clean and dry and any residue from HOST Spot Remover will have been absorbed by the HOST SPONGES.


Provide a ‘ready to use’ carpet surface

Ready to use means that the carpet must be clean, dry and residue free even after spot removal. Synonyms for liquid are: fluid, water, and runny. All of these can apply to the same spot if a liquid spot remover is used. In addition to the wet mess, the possibility of the spot recurring is very strong which means that the same process has to be performed again and again and again!  HOST Spot Remover in conjunction with HOST will give you clean, dry and residue free carpet in just one application.  With HOST, the carpet is always ‘ready to use!’

Hal Jenkinson, HOST Consultant, Strategy & Training


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How does using HOST affect the environment in general? July 2005

We all know that the HOST System helps improve the indoor environment by removing dirt, dust, allergens, mold and residues.  What about beyond the indoor environment?  How does using HOST affect the environment in general?

These are questions that more and more customers care about and, therefore, can make the difference between the customer choosing your service or “The Other Guys.”  People working in commercial facilities often look for environmentally safe ‘green’ cleaning systems.  Residential customers are also environmentally conscious, and it makes them feel good to know they’ve hired a cleaning company that uses a responsible product.  Many government facilities require the use of ‘green’ cleaning chemicals; in many places it’s the law!

So how does HOST fit into the environmental picture?

Water Conservation

Using HOST compared to other carpet cleaning methods saves many thousands of gallons of water each year.  More and more governments, schools, associations, etc., are recognizing that low moisture carpet cleaning represents an environmental savings.  For instance, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection states, “Switch from wet or steam carpet cleaning methods to dry powder methods.”


Used HOST products safely biodegrade, returning to the earth, in a landfill or in composting facilities.  Dirty water from other cleaning methods lawfully needs to go to treatment facilities, which takes up resources.  Often, however, dirty water does NOT go to proper facilities; it is illegally dumped and threatens our ecosystems and drinking water supply.


Being natural products, made from renewable resources, HOST EXTRA! and HOST SJ support American agriculture rather than the petroleum industry.

Energy Conservation

Many environmental organizations, such as the EPA, recognize that it takes quite a bit of energy to heat water used in hot water extraction.  In an effort to lower costs and energy use, such organizations are supporting cleaning systems that do not use hot water.


The cleaning compounds you use are safe, and they are not concentrates which can be difficult to mix properly and, therefore, wasteful or dangerous.  If one uses too much HOST, the boss might be angry but the carpet and the user will be fine!


Our packaging is designed to be environmentally responsible; our foil bags are flat, so they won’t take up much landfill space, our buckets are reusable and recyclable, and our boxes have recycled content.
We are proud that our products are responsible in these ways and hope that you are too.  The points above are not just great selling points for you; they are a philosophy we feel strongly about.


Deborah Lema

Training Associate

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Response to Survey June 2005

In the April bulletin we asked you to tell us what you charged for cleaning and to share some funny stories about cleaning jobs. Here are a few of the responses. Keep them coming.


What/how do you charge for carpet, grout, or upholstery cleaning? 


Residential Carpet Cleaning – We charge $.20 to .35 per sq. ft. depending on the condition of the carpet and type of carpet and the total square footage. We charge an additional $.05 per sq. ft. for carpet protector.

Commercial Carpet – We charge $.15 to .25 per sq. ft. depending on the condition of the carpet and the total square footage. 

Oriental Rugs – We charge $1.00 per sq. ft.,

Upholstery Cleaning – sofa – $49.95, love seat – $41.95, chair – $21.50, recliner – $24.50, dining chairs – $10.00

We do not clean grout.


Had gone to a home and gave a free estimate and scheduled to come back to clean the carpet later in the week.  When we arrived the lady answered the door, she gave me a hug and said, “It’s good to see you.  We’ll have to sit in the living room because the carpet cleaners are coming.”  I said, “We are the carpet cleaners.”

From: GOLDEN DRY Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Columbia Station, Ohio


Charges for residential and commercial carpet cleaning are based on the condition of the carpet, time required to clean, quantity of HOST required and median income of area. Regardless of the cost per square foot we must generate $80 to $100 dollars per hour. This is down from pre 9/11 charges of $100 to $125 dollars per hour. BestDry does not clean grout or upholstery.


The job from hell can sometimes turn out to be the most rewarding. Just last week I cleaned a 10′ x 10′ bedroom of a Goth girl. Every type of makeup imaginable was ground into the carpeting. The mother’s plea was do the best you can!  Normally a room this size would be twenty minutes max.  It took me at least one hour to clean. Even though I figured I lost time and money on the job, I was more than happy with the HOST results. Imagine my surprise when leaving, the Goth girl came out of nowhere and told me what a beautiful job I did on her carpet and how it looked like new. Priceless!

From: BestDry Carpet Cleaning, Arlington Heights, Illinois

Geoff Greeley

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Grout Cleaning Success Stories May 2005

A few weeks ago we hosted a special HOST School for several DriSafe operators from Dublin, Ireland. DriSafe is a carpet and upholstery cleaning business that is being managed by our HOST Distributor, Home & Office Cleaning Systems in Ireland. They only use HOST in their cleaning business. The DriSafe operators told me that the ability to clean grout has opened up opportunities for them in Irish pubs. All the pubs have grout in the restrooms and HOST does a great job on that. Offering this service helps to level out the ups and downs of the seasonal carpet cleaning business. In addition, once the prospect/customer sees the results on grout, they are much more inclined to grasp the fact that HOST does an equally superior job on carpet. The letter below was sent to me by a HOST customer in the USA and it illustrates this point beautifully:



I’m not sure you will recall me, my name is Bob Baas and I was in your HOST School last November. I sat in front and work for a company called InPro Corporation in Muskego Wisconsin. We had touched during school about grout cleaning and we have just discovered something that I would like to share. As I had mentioned in class we had some success cleaning our entrance grout with HOST EXTRA! We then tried out restrooms and the results where not good at all. This last week our floor man James was using HOST SJ in front of the restrooms on the carpet. He had some SJ that got on the tile floor. He swooped in with the Liberator to clean up the SJ and the next night we noticed a very clean spot of grout. That night I had James do a test area… WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! To our delight the grout turned snow white and the tile was a shade of clean that we had never seen. We had only ever used HOST EXTRA! on the cleaning of grout and had never thought of SJ. HOST EXTRA! cleans our entrance tile and grout excellent but would not even phase the cleaning of our restrooms. We have gone to great lengths trying to get our grout clean. We have the tornado BR 400 grout cleaning machine that we had just used the week before to mixed results. We have tried stripper, bleach based grout restoring chemicals, hydrogen peroxide based chemicals and acid based chemicals. All to mixed results and days of breathing problems afterwards. We are using zebra brushes and would like to get the red grout brushes. I will be doing some tape off of before and after pictures that I will forward to you if you like. James, our floor man, did not want to use HOST when I brought it on board and was not a firm believer until he saw how clean the grout got. This made him believe that the carpet is also being cleaned as well. You have a gold mine that a lot of people would love to see.


In the letter you will note that Bob said he used Zebra brushes. In our early testing that is what we were using also, but we developed the red grout brushes for better cleaning and more even wear. It is also important to be able to tell which brush is for carpet and which for hard floor because you don’t want to use the hard floor brush on a carpet and risk damage or contamination.


So if you haven’t tried HOST on grout or demonstrated this to your customers, now is the time. For most areas HOST EXTRA! is all you need, but if you are disappointed with the result, give HOST SJ a try like Bob did. You will be surprised.

Geoff Greeley

Director of Training & Technology

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Professional Cleaners Association Bulletin – December 2004

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

When the king finished singing, he sat down on his throne. He noticed that it didn’t look as grand and beautiful as it once did. He wondered aloud if there was a way to restore the grandeur and beauty that he remembered… well, there is!

For years, professional cleaners have asked about upholstery cleaning. It seems to be a natural add-on service; clean the carpet and clean the sofa. The benefits of HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning, clean, dry and ready to walk on are benefits that resonate with the consumer. Today we are introducing a new Dry Upholstery Cleaning System that delivers those benefits for upholstery – but don’t walk on the sofa.

Aridex is our new dry upholstery cleaning system. It is a great addition that will allow you to expand your business with your current customers. The attached brochure explains the features and benefits of Aridex. These machines will be available from your local distributor starting in January 2005. We will be including training on the Aridex System in our HOST School training program. If you have questions about the new Aridex line, feel free to contact Debbie or me for more information. We are excited to bring you this new product to help you expand and develop your cleaning business. We think you will be just as excited.

Another drum roll please…

Geoff Greeley

Director of Training & Technical Services

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Professional Cleaners Association Bulletin – November 2004

The Great Grout Epiphany,
By Deborah R. Lema

Once upon a time, there was a King. This King was a very good King, and everyone loved him. He was happy that everyone thought so highly of him, and he liked that he was good at his job. So all he did was his job. Except some-times, when he was alone, he would sing.

One day he was overheard. “What a lovely voice you have, sire! Sing more for us!” He shook his head modestly and blushed.

“That is what singers are for. I am the King. Kings don’t sing,” he told them. “If you wish to hear singing, I will hire a singer.”

The people didn’t agree, and argued with the King. Why should he hire another person to do something that he could do, and do well? Saving labor, time and money, all to do the same (if not better) job! He thought about it, and decided the arguments made sense. Why limit himself? Why shouldn’t he sing, even though he was King?

And so he sang, and everyone continued happily for quite some time.

The moral of the story is, if you have a really great carpet cleaning system that can clean grout too, it makes sense to use it both ways.

Drum roll, please…

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