Cleaning Grouted Tile Floors

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You know the HOST® Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System is a simple and effective method for deep cleaning carpet anytime without the inconvenience of getting it wet, but did you know that HOST can also be used to clean grouted tile floors?

The HOST System Attacks Dirty Grout

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  • The counter-rotating brushes of the Liberator, Freestyle and Reliant machines easily scrub the grout and dislodge dirt and grease.
  • HOST Cleaner contains a balanced blend of water, detergents, wetting agents and natural ingredients that dissolve and trap the dirt and grease.
  • HOST is safe to use because it does not contain harsh chemicals like bleach or acid and does not emit any noxious fumes.
  • HOST leaves no chemical residue behind to attract dirt and cause rapid resoiling of the grout.
  • Hard-to-reach areas can easily be cleaned using the HOST spotZAPPER.
  • Grout is left clean and ready for immediate use.

Cleaning Techniques for Grouted Tile Floors

grout brushes1. Place red grout brushes on the HOST Machine. Caution: The red grout brushes should only be used on grout, DO NOT use on carpet.

apply host to grout2. Apply a handful of HOST to each square yard. Don’t apply to more than 300 square feet at a time or the HOST may dry out before cleaning is completed.

brushing grout3. Brush with the HOST Machine as you would on the carpet, north and south and then east and west. The more brushing you do, the better the results will be. Success Tip: When using the Liberator on grouted tile, you may want to lock the handle at an angle comfortable to you for easier handling. But, never lock the Liberator handle when cleaning carpet.

vacuum grout4. After brushing, turn on the vacuum and vacuum the HOST off the floor. If the Reliant is used for cleaning the grouted tile floor, use a regular wet/dry tank vacuum to remove the HOST. The grout will be clean and virtually dry. It may appear slightly darker in color, but it will brighten up within 15-20 minutes as any residual moisture evaporates.

Success Tip: If HOST Cleaner sticks to the grout, it can be removed by scrubbing with a buffer pad or scrub brush and clear water. If hazing occurs it can be removed by damp mopping the floor with clear water