Carpet & Textured Hard Floor Cleaning in Colleges, Schools and Universities


The education field puts a demanding strain on flooring. With more schools and universities open year round, the time available to properly clean is shrinking. Fortunately HOST® has a variety of solutions to meet your needs on carpet, LVT, rubber floors and grouted floors of all types.

The HOST® Dry Extraction Cleaning System is the ideal, money-saving method to keeping your carpet and textured hard floors looking fresh and new year round. Why is HOST® the best choice for schools and universities? Consider this:

Because HOST® is a dry extraction cleaning system, maintenance staff can:

  • Keep large sections of carpet, such as classrooms, foyers and corridors, open during the cleaning process. Unlike the hot water extraction method, which requires a drying time of 12 or more hours, carpet is open to foot traffic immediately after cleaning.
  • Clean carpet any time of the day. Instead of waiting until classes are over to clean carpet, staff can better utilize their time by cleaning carpet when it’s convenient for them because there is no drying time required. Carpet is open to foot traffic immediately after cleaning.
  • Clean carpet more often than just over the holidays or during summer break. Having the ability to clean carpet more often will keep it in better condition, and ultimately save money by greatly reducing the need to constantly replace carpet.
  • Get instant results on all your textured hard floors like: ceramic tile, rubber, LVT and more.

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