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The HOST®  Dry Extraction Cleaning System is distributed throughout the United States and Canada through Janitorial Supply Companies. If you are looking for a distributor of HOST® equipment and products, or if you are interested in becoming a HOST® Distributor please contact us.

We enjoy a great relationship with all our customers and offer great value for money with packaging that is functional and environmentally responsible. The HOST® formulas have been re-certified under the new stricter Green Seal Standard and have been certified BioPreferredSM and 100% biobased by USDA testing procedures. Racine Industries remains committed to select distribution.

At Racine Industries, we believe in the free market and competition. It makes us all better and ultimately offers the consumer better products and services. Our practice for 75 years has been to manufacture quality products that are safe and deliver on the promise of clean carpet every day at a reasonable cost. We market the HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System, which we invented in 1938, HOST® through Janitorial Supply Distributors worldwide. Our partnership with this industry continues today stronger than ever.

We approach the market place with a strong focus on the benefits and advantages of using dry extraction to achieve superior results…and to do so cost effectively.

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