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Floor Covering Weekly May 12, 2014

Check out this link to Floor Covering News re: Cleaning Services page 16

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Hard Surface Interview at Surfaces Show with Talk TV

Go to this link for an interview with Geoff Greeley done at the Surfaces Show in Las Vegas recently.,AAAAi5oby5k~,gf8A03pw9syJ8i8_PnfPj-SRCKEGXH2m&bctid=3322852619001

Or go to



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The Restoration of Valley Point Elementary

Here is the link to the article in Floor Trends Magazine and the link to the videos referred to in the article.


Comments ( 0 ) Interviews Geoff Greeley About the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System

HOTEL INDUSTRY ONLINE spoke with Geoff Greeley, vice president of market development and support for Racine Industries, Inc., about HOST’s dry extraction carpet cleaning system and maintenance method.

“We do a lot of business with hotels around the country and the world, and the HOST system is another tool a hotel or resort could use to save water,” says Greeley. “The dry carpet cleaning system comes ready to use, and it’s a natural, organic process.”

Click here to read the article

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FloorRadio Interviews Our Director of Marketing & Training About Carpet Maintenance

Geoff Greeley, Director of Marketing & Training at Racine Industries, offers observations on how the world-a-large views carpet cleaning and the various methods for cleaning carpets. He defines “cleaning” and “maintenance,” and the factors that influence maintenance decisions. Greeley also discusses the Host concept of maintaining carpet cleaning and the attitudes many facility managers have toward maintenance.

Click here to listen to the interview

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