The History of HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System

Racine Industries, Inc., manufacturer of the HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System , began as the Rench Manufacturing Company and was founded by Harry Rench in 1936. From the beginning, Racine Industries, Inc. manufactured carpet cleaning equipment and cleaner. The company was the first in the United States to produce non-resoiling detergents for carpet cleaning, rightfully recognizing that animal based soaps left a residue that contributed to rapid resoiling of the carpet.

In the late 1930s, Rench got involved with the Bigelow Sanford company in a patent pool that resulted in the first dry carpet cleaning powder. This dry ‘powder’ was developed in order to solve a problem that arose when water was used on wool carpet. The solvent-based powder was brushed into the carpet with a broom and vacuumed. The ‘powder’ absorbed the soil and held it until vacuumed out.

After years of work with this product, it became increasingly evident that it had its limitations. The biggest limitation was that it had to be applied with a brush or broom. This made cleaning large areas virtually impossible, and any machine action would raise clouds of dust, so it was necessary to redesign the product.

HOST ad 1957

In 1956, a new dry cleaner for carpets was introduced at the National Institute of Rug Cleaners in New York. This new product worked better than the original ‘powder’ and could be used with a machine. It was a combination of water, detergents, a safe solvent mixed with ‘sponges’ that dissolved and absorbed the soil under control, and allowed for a thorough extraction at the time of cleaning. It was called HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner.

Over the next 50 years, many innovations were added to the original concept and today HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner is used on all types of flooring from carpet to all types of textured hard floors.